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New exhibition: a first-class visual experience


Our new exhibition of art glass promises a first-class visual experience for all visitors. In the realization of the new exposition, we put emphasis on finding the most optimal lighting conditions, which are essential for the exposition of glass exhibits. The right light is the most important factor for the appreciation of glass exhibits.

In Libenský and Brychtová's hall, the glass sculptures are placed in soft, diffused daylight, so that their monumentality and fragility stand out. Part of the exhibition, on the other hand, is without access to daylight and the individual exhibits are illuminated so that the delicate engravings, painting or precise cutting stand out. We are expanding the exhibition area with a new exposition of Zelezny Brod figurine making, which is presented to visitors in an unusual way.


Our exhibition also commemorates the personalities of the Zelezny Brod glass industry, such as the First Republic glass entrepreneurs and teachers of the local glass school, who were behind the birth of the "Železnobrodske sklo" phenomenon.


For our youngest visitors we have prepared a children's corner where they can enjoy stringing beads and engage in creative activities. Interactive worksheets and a game about glass on touch screens will make their time in the museum more enjoyable and introduce them to the fascinating world of glass creations. In the children's corner, there is a large ball track that children will not want to leave.


In the museum you will be able to watch cult short films about glass, such as Inspirace by Karel Zeman or The Skleněná suita by Karel Baroch. On the interactive displays, you will learn more about the glassmaking industry in Zelezny Brod, its history and techniques.


You can't leave empty-handed! Our museum shop offers goods from local glassmakers that you can take away as a unique souvenir or original gift. You will also be able to buy printed materials in the form of publications, catalogues, books, monographs, brochures or postcards, and tourist souvenirs.


We look forward to your visit and believe that our new exhibition of art glass will enchant you and provide you with an unforgettable cultural experience.

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