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Making a museum

Making a museum is something you can do together with us. You are part of the heritage we are trying to preserve and interpret. The museum is a place that is open to the public, it is inclusive, it promotes and develops diversity and sustainability. It contributes to an open civil society that respects diversity and different world views. We care for the heritage that our ancestors left us, but we are not just a time capsule: we are a living organism that cannot do it without you.



Junk or collectors’ items?

When houses and flats, attics and warehouses are cleared out, things that at first glance may not be of any value, but may carry information that could significantly increase our knowledge, are irretrievably lost. We won’t clear out your loft for you or assess the financial value of your property, but you can contact us for advice before you throw anything away. Or bring unwanted items to the museum.


Become a museum donor.


We research, we investigate

Research is an integral part of the work of a museum professional. We deal with both important and trivial topics and the results of our work can be found at exhibitions, lectures, in specialist literature or in the Železný Brod Newsletter. Share your memories and interesting topics from long ago and recent history with us; things which could be worth working on and bringing to the attention of others.


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You create the museum with your support. You go to new openings on a regular basis, you don’t miss any exhibitions. You support our efforts and for that we are extremely grateful. We are currently working on a collection of items with the museum’s logo. Badges, bags, bookmarks and other small things. Yes, the museum is developing its own “merch”, and by purchasing it you will be supporting your favourite museum.

A museum - that’s what you want!

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