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Glass for a Living: How it works in Norway


We would like to introduce you to a non-traditional approach to business in the field of art glass, which we had the opportunity to learn about in Norway. During our recent excursion we visited several glassworks and saw how well the combination of glass production and tourism works. Our lecture will be suitable for the general public, but especially for glassmakers, students and tourism entrepreneurs. We would like to share with you our findings and experiences that this trip has provided us. The lecture will be accompanied by photographs capturing the atmosphere and beauty of Norwegian glassworks and their surroundings.


The lecture will take place on 5 June 2024 at 5 p.m. in the glass exhibition of the Municipal Museum at 37 náměstí 3. května.


Our working trip was supported by the EEA and Norway Grants - Bilateral Cooperation. Thanks to this support we have expanded our knowledge not only in the field of glassmaking, but also in the field of museum work, which we believe will help our further development.


Admission : 50 CZK


Zdenek Juna
Nová expozice
interier muzea
Zdenek Juna
Nová expozice
interier muzea

Summer Glass Workshop 2024

Creative dialogue between artists and glass craftsmen, current approaches in glass creation, experimental technology in practice, inspiration for students of the glass school and their teachers - this is how the 13th year of the glass symposium Summer Glass Workshop, which will be held from 17 to 19 June 2024 in Železné Brod. Artists will have only a few days to translate their idea into glass material in cooperation with glass craftsmen. The implementation will take place to a large extent at the Železnobrod Glass School. For one of the participants of the symposium, for the seventh time, the Detesk glass company will provide its technological background, material and hands of glassmakers. The most attractive part of the symposium will be made available to the public - the work of artists in the school's glass factory - on June 17-19, 2024. Lectures on the work of individual artists will also be freely available. These author presentations will take place in the hall of the glass school on June 18 and 19, 2024, always from 5 p.m.
The organizers of the 13th edition of the Summer Glass Workshop invited a total of seven participants this year – four from the Czech Republic and three from Norway. They are: František Janák (CZ), Heidi Kristiansen (NOR), Cathinka Mæhlum (NOR), Ladislav Oliva Jr. (CZ), Mette Paalgard (NOR), Ludmila Šikolová (CZ) and Lukáš Šulc (CZ).
During the duration of the symposium, 70 artists were created in Železné Brod, who expanded the museum collection with their works, many of which visitors can see in the newly opened glass exhibition in the City Museum. This year's glass symposium will take place thanks to the financial support of the EEA and Norway Funds and continues the previous three-year cooperation with this Nordic country.

LSD 2023 Exhibition


The results of the Summer Glass Workshop 2023 symposium are now on display in the glass exhibition. You will see the works of foreign glass artists and the results of renowned Czech art glass artists. Kari Mølstad was inspired by the Norwegian landscape in her work. Jeanne-Sophie Aas uses mainly the optical magic of crystal glass. Martin Grosman in collaboration with Detesk made demonic glass jewellery. Milan Krajíček has worked originally with moulding and extrusion of glass mass, thus creating stunning glass objects. Jan Exnar worked mainly with a sibral mould and created monumental crystal objects. Among the symposium participants were also Soňa Třeštíková and David Suchopárek and Ingrid Račková (Studio IRDS), and not to give too much away, come and see their works in person.

The Summer Glass Workshop is traditionally held in close cooperation with SUPŠS Železný Brod, where most of the art objects were created.

LSD 2023
LSD 2023
LSD 2023

Easter fair in Běliště


The Fair in the Ethnographic Exhibition takes place every year the week before Easter, and since Easter Monday in 2024 falls on April 1st, this year it will take place just after the vernal equinox. It may happen that Běliště will be covered with a layer of snow, so we will try to create a spring atmosphere at least inside the house. 

In the premises of the wooden building, visitors will be able to choose from a large number of handicraft products, mainly spring decorations, flowers, rattles and clappers, Easter eggs, pom-poms, gingerbread, etc. will be available for purchase. The prepared snacks with Bělišťák, warm cider, spring soup, fresh cakes, mazanc or Yidáši will certainly come in handy to warm you up. DDM Mozaika and RC Andílek will prepare an art workshop for children. Traditionally, the local Disabled Association joins in with products from their workshop. Visitors can look forward to Friday's performance by the Swing Ensemble of the Elementary School of Arts led by Rudy Müller (from 4:45 p.m.). On Sunday, from 2 p.m., the Na židli puppet group will perform the fairy tale "About the Sprinkled Hen".

We look forward to your visit.

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New exhibition: a first-class visual experience


Our new exhibition of art glass promises a first-class visual experience for all visitors. In the realization of the new exposition, we put emphasis on finding the most optimal lighting conditions, which are essential for the exposition of glass exhibits. The right light is the most important factor for the appreciation of glass exhibits.


In Libenský and Brychtová's hall, the glass sculptures are placed in soft, diffused daylight, so that their monumentality and fragility stand out. Part of the exhibition, on the other hand, is without access to daylight and the individual exhibits are illuminated so that the delicate engravings, painting or precise cutting stand out. We are expanding the exhibition area with a new exposition of Zelezny Brod figurine making, which is presented to visitors in an unusual way.


Our exhibition also commemorates the personalities of the Zelezny Brod glass industry, such as the First Republic glass entrepreneurs and teachers of the local glass school, who were behind the birth of the "Železnobrodske sklo" phenomenon.


For our youngest visitors we have prepared a children's corner where they can enjoy stringing beads and engage in creative activities. Interactive worksheets and a game about glass on touch screens will make their time in the museum more enjoyable and introduce them to the fascinating world of glass creations. In the children's corner, there is a large ball track that children will not want to leave.


In the museum you will be able to watch cult short films about glass, such as Inspirace by Karel Zeman or The Skleněná suita by Karel Baroch. On the interactive displays, you will learn more about the glassmaking industry in Zelezny Brod, its history and techniques.


You can't leave empty-handed! Our museum shop offers goods from local glassmakers that you can take away as a unique souvenir or original gift. You will also be able to buy printed materials in the form of publications, catalogues, books, monographs, brochures or postcards, and tourist souvenirs.


We look forward to your visit and believe that our new exhibition of art glass will enchant you and provide you with an unforgettable cultural experience.

Zdenek Juna
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Cristal Hotel

The exhibition summarizes the more than 80-year history of the Cristal Hotel in Železný Brod and thus provides an insight into one of the landmarks of Železný Brod, which was the cultural and social center of the city in the past and has currently been closed to the public for several years.

You can visit the exhibition in the ethnographic exhibition in Běliště until June 30, 2024.



Cristal Hotel
Cristal Hotel

Pour Féliciter 2024

In 2023, we faced significant challenges. Our museum has been undergoing a thorough interior renovation, which is now nearing its conclusion. We are delighted to have passed this challenging stage with flying colours, thanks in part to your support. We would like to thank you for your patience and loyalty during this challenging period.


We look forward to seeing you at the grand opening of the museum on March 1, 2024 at 5 pm. Join us in celebrating the completion of this phase of the Connected by Glass project!


We wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the newly renovated museum!


Sincerely, museum people


Expozice PF 2024
Jednací místnost pf 2024
Prodejna PF 2024

Christmas market in Běliště 2023


This year, the traditional sales event with a cultural program will take place from Thursday, November 30 to Sunday, December 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

And what can you look forward to this year? From Thursday to Sunday, Mrs. Karla Srbová will demonstrate decorating her Jílov gingerbreads, with which she won the Regional Product of the Jizera Mountain label. Mrs. Stáňa Mlejnková, Alena Matějková and Věra Poláková will also demonstrate their craftsmanship in the production of Christmas ornaments, patchwork and lace. On Friday, from 4 p.m., the students of the swing orchestra of the Basic Art School will perform. Young artists with their wind instruments will perform pieces studied under the guidance of teacher Rudy Müller. The Andílek family center will prepare an Advent spiral in front of the house, which on Saturday evening the children's visitors will be able to light up with their own handmade candlesticks. We start at 4:30 p.m., when it will be already dark outside. We recommend that children bring candles and apples from home. And, of course, children will not miss out on a fairy tale. On Sunday, starting at 11 a.m., puppeteer Ruda Hancvencl will perform a series of classic fairy tales in a modern adaptation called "In one forest, in one house" on the grounds of Běliště. The Mozaika Leisure Center and the Andílek Family Center will provide creative workshops for children's visitors throughout the duration of the markets. Come and soak up the Advent atmosphere, choose gifts from regional artisans and workshops, support the activities of the Železnobrodsk Disabled Association with your purchase, taste cakes, Christmas cookies, tunnels, pretzels, strengthen yourself with pickled ermine or toast and warm yourself up with Bělišťák, soup or warm cider! We look forward to your visit.

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