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Christmas market in Běliště 2023


This year, the traditional sales event with a cultural program will take place from Thursday, November 30 to Sunday, December 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

And what can you look forward to this year? From Thursday to Sunday, Mrs. Karla Srbová will demonstrate decorating her Jílov gingerbreads, with which she won the Regional Product of the Jizera Mountain label. Mrs. Stáňa Mlejnková, Alena Matějková and Věra Poláková will also demonstrate their craftsmanship in the production of Christmas ornaments, patchwork and lace. On Friday, from 4 p.m., the students of the swing orchestra of the Basic Art School will perform. Young artists with their wind instruments will perform pieces studied under the guidance of teacher Rudy Müller. The Andílek family center will prepare an Advent spiral in front of the house, which on Saturday evening the children's visitors will be able to light up with their own handmade candlesticks. We start at 4:30 p.m., when it will be already dark outside. We recommend that children bring candles and apples from home. And, of course, children will not miss out on a fairy tale. On Sunday, starting at 11 a.m., puppeteer Ruda Hancvencl will perform a series of classic fairy tales in a modern adaptation called "In one forest, in one house" on the grounds of Běliště. The Mozaika Leisure Center and the Andílek Family Center will provide creative workshops for children's visitors throughout the duration of the markets. Come and soak up the Advent atmosphere, choose gifts from regional artisans and workshops, support the activities of the Železnobrodsk Disabled Association with your purchase, taste cakes, Christmas cookies, tunnels, pretzels, strengthen yourself with pickled ermine or toast and warm yourself up with Bělišťák, soup or warm cider! We look forward to your visit.

fotografie ze smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence II

Roots and culture

Twenty-five years since the opening of the ethnographic exhibition. The exhibition will not only commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of the new Ethnographic Exhibition, but will also present the institution of the local museum and the transformations it has undergone in more than 150 years of its existence. The exhibition will take place from September 5 until the end of 2023 in Běliště.




Jana Kasalová st.
Jana Kasalová st.
Jana Kasalová st.

Books about Brodec and Volha


The Municipal Museum has published two books focusing on the history of the town and its heritage. The first publication, entitled "The Volga was our port", is about the legendary pub that stood on the small square until its demolition. This inn existed for 130 years and the publication offers many photographs and stories relating to its history. Locals still remember this pub as a kind of town centre and a place where people of different faiths and interests gathered. The Volha pub is inseparable from the history of Železný Brod.

The second book entitled "Brodec, pictures from the history of the town district" is dedicated to one of the town districts of Železný Brod. It recalls its first known inhabitants, deals with its industrial and construction development and finds a certain poetry in the concrete corners of the settlement on Vápenka. The publication is full of photographs and documents that capture the historical moments of this magical place. Readers will learn many interesting facts about how this part of the city has evolved over the years and how its architecture has changed.

You can buy the book "Volha was our port" for 120 CZK and the publication "Brodec, pictures from the history of the town district" for 175 CZK. These publications are available during the opening hours of the Běliště/ethnographic exhibition or at the town's information centre.

These books will interest all those who are interested in the history of Železný Brod and its heritage.If you want to get more information about the town and its history, we definitely recommend visiting Běliště and seeing these publications in person.



Na Vapence

Mapa Brodec

Brodec 2

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