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Exhibitions and events

The museum organizes a number of interesting exhibitions and events. In addition to the permanent glass exhibition, the museum organizes an annual thematic exhibition in the Municipal Gallery of Vlastimil Rada. In the near future, the glass exhibition will be undergoing renovation, however, after the opening, you can look forward to a completely new interactive exhibition, which will also include a so-called "dark exhibition", in which only the exhibits themselves will be illuminated. The art glass experience will be unprecedented.

One of the most important events organized by the museum is the glass symposium Summer Glass Workshop, which takes place at the beginning of September in cooperation with SUPŠS in Železné Brod. The invited artists realize their works of art with the help of glass masters. Perhaps the most impressive part is the work at the smelter, which is open to the public. The results of the symposium are ceremoniously presented at the opening as part of the Glass Town glass festival in Železné Brod.

We are proud that our museum is part of Crystal Valley. We regularly participate in events organized by Křišťálový údolí and support the idea of a revival of glassmaking in the Liberec region.

The ethnographic exhibition in Běliště attracts visitors with its picturesqueness. Even here, however, the museum organizes short-term exhibitions on various topics. Most often, these are exhibitions about the history of Železný Brod, the personalities of the city and fine art exhibitions.

Among the most popular events that take place in Běliště are the Christmas markets and the Easter fair with local handicrafts and an accompanying program. Every year, the half-timbered house is involved in the Days of Folk Architecture of the Liberec Region, which take place in the second half of July, and an accompanying cultural program and guided tours are prepared for visitors.

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