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Grand Opening of the New Exhibition

We are planning the grand opening of the new glass exhibition of the museum, which will take place on 1 March 2024 at 5:00 pm. You are heartily invited!


The museum has undergone a comprehensive reconstruction, with attention paid to both the modernization of the premises and the creation of a completely new interactive exhibition. Our young visitors can look forward to a new children's corner, which houses a unique glass ball track.


The opening ceremony will begin at 17:00 with an opening in the Municipal Museum, accompanied by live music produced by ZOR - Kotlárovci. The celebrations will then move to the local KC Kino, where a rich cultural programme will take place in the evening and at night.


From 19.00, a Pecha Kucha night on the theme "Glass and a new coat" will take place. This event, characterized by short and distinctive presentations, will feature interesting guests who will share their views and experiences on the topic. The interactive part of the evening promises to be an inspiring experience for all visitors. After the presentations, there is an after party with music mixed by DJ Sven Jansen, which will last until late into the night. Come and celebrate with us the renewal of our local cultural treasure!


Expozice PF 2024
Jednací místnost pf 2024
Prodejna PF 2024

Jana Kasalová st. - Grafika, exlibris

 From June to August 2023, an exhibition was held in the ethnographic exposition in Běliště, which presented a cross-section of the work of Jana Kasalová st. It was started on May 20, 2023 in the chapel of St. John of Nepomuck within the traditional St. John's pilgrimage. Jana Kasalová (*1947) is a graduate of the glassmaking school in Železné Brod and the faculty of pedagogy of the J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, majoring in art education. She was dedicated to teaching all her life, until 2017 she led the art department at the local ZUŠ. He regularly exhibits here and abroad. At the exhibition, he presented samples of his work - graphic sheets - colored drypoints and a selection of exlibris.




Na Vapence

Mapa Brodec

Brodec 2

Chests of glass memory

The exhibition presents hitherto unknown historical glass from the collections of the Municipal Museum. It is a unique opportunity for lovers of art, history and glass craft to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of glass and discover its incredible richness and diversity through useful, festive and artistic works. After many years, the collection was professionally sorted and examined by glass expert PhDr. Jitka Lněničková as part of the project Connected by glass!. Hitherto hidden jewels and curiosities from the collection will be shown to you at the exhibition.


historické stříbřené sklo
detail flakonu
upomínkový lázeňský pohárek

Summer Glass Workshop 2023


Glass Symposium The Summer Glass Workshop is now in its twelfth year creating a platform for creative dialogue and sharing know-how in the field of art glass. The principle and goal of the symposium is to strengthen cooperation between creators who debate current topics, realize their creative ideas, gain and exchange experience. In just a few days, the artists work on their works in the local glass school. These works are also created thanks to the skills of artistic craftsmen - glass masters and grinders, who take a significant part in the realization.

The organizers of the 12th year welcomed a total of seven participants this year. The symposium was held in an international format, as two female artists traveled from Norway. For the sixth time, the Detesk company participated in this project, which once again created the technological and material background for one of the seven participants.

2022 Summer Glass Workshop

The exhibition of the results of the XIth year of the Summer Glass Workshop glass symposium took place in the glass exhibition of the Municipal Museum. Thanks to a subsidy from the EEA and Norwegian funds, this year’s international symposium was also attended by three Norwegian glass artists – Jeanne Sophie Aas, Ida Siebke and Kjersti Johannessen – who, together with Slovak artists Palo Mach, Jaroslav Bejvl and Marian Volráb, worked in the glassworks of the Železný Brod glass school. The seventh symposium participant, Tomáš Košt'ál, realized his design with the help of the glass masters at Detesk, which has been a partner of the symposium for the fifth year.


Poskládáno ze skla / Made from Glass

Sthodo la skľenčinatar – Made from Glass

Městská galerie Vlastimila Rady v Železném Brodě

3. 9.– 2 .10. 2022


Rudolf Dzurko

(1. 7. 1941 – 23. 6. 2013)

The work of Rudolf Dzurko was truly original. The exhibition Sthodo la skľenčinatar (Made from Glass) was a fleeting glimpse into Dzurko’s extensive oeuvre of sculptures and paintings. Gaining insight into Dzurko’s life is crucial to understanding his work. His work needs to be seen in a broader context. All his paintings and sculptures were a reflection of his life. They mirrored the turning points in his life and captured the world that surrounded him and the world he experienced. His paintings are full of real people, not mythical figures from Romani folklore, but people of flesh and blood, and oftentimes their painful fate..

Easter fair in Běliště 2023


31. března – 2. dubna 2023 (10 – 17 hodin)


Come and get in the mood for spring and soak up the Easter atmosphere in the wooden building in Běliště, where the 20th annual Easter Fair takes place from Friday to Sunday. You can enjoy yourself by buying ceramics, wooden toys, Easter eggs, rattles, pom poms, spring decorations and other handicrafts mostly from local producers. With your purchase, you can also support the activities of the Železnobrodsk Disabled Association, the Mozaika Leisure Center and the Andílek Family Center. On Friday, Ms. Stanislava Mlejnková will demonstrate knitting pom-poms from willow wicker, on Saturday, Ms. Alena Matějková will demonstrate decoupage technique, and on Saturday and Sunday you can admire the skill of Ms. Eva Krejčová, who is engaged in the creation of folk Easter eggs.

Throughout the fair, children can participate in an art workshop led by SVČ Mozaika, and if they come on Sunday, the Králíková workshop of the Andílek family center will be waiting for them in front of the house. This will prepare a rich outdoor program with knitting pom poms, coloring eggs, making decorations, competitions, games, photography and frolics. A self-service Easter trail will lead from Malý náměstí to Běliště. On Saturday, not only families with children can look forward to the brand new musical fairy tale "Jak kouzlo do houslí vklouzlo" inspired by the book of the same name by the writer Daniela Krolupperová. The fairy tale will be narrated and accompanied musically by the string duo Yellow, made up of violinist Pavla Mazancová and cellist Michaela Krejčová Vitáková. The fairy tale begins at 2 pm in the attic space. This year too, there will be a performance by the brass quintet of our Elementary School of Arts under the direction of Rudy Müller. Start on Saturday at 11 a.m. in front of the house.

You can refresh yourself, sit and chat with friends on the upper floor of the house, where refreshments are prepared for you in the form of spreads, jedas, cakes, pretzels, Bělišťák, warm cider and... let yourself be surprised!

We look forward to your visit.


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