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10/2023: The Necklace of Cut and Coiled Pearls

Necklace coiled pearls


The necklace is part of a set of glass jewellery by Bohumil Mrklas Co.. The necklace is an example of precise craftsmanship, it is made of wound and cut pearls. Especially the pearls, which have been hand-modelled into the shapes of various fruits over a flame, show how masterfully the glassmaker in question coped with a difficult commission. The petals are matt, also modelled over the fire. The winding components are suitably complemented by high gloss green cut beads. The whole looks very balanced.

The company of Bohumil Mrklas ranks among the successful glass companies of the interwar period in Železný Brod. The 1930s were characterized by the development of art and utility glassmaking in the Železný Brod region.

The necklace was donated to the Municipal Museum by the Michl family from Železný Brod in 2004.



Náhrdelník detail
Náhrdelník detail
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