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5/2023: Funeral Wreath


A beautiful funeral wreath is made from colored seed beads strung on brass wire. Various flowers are made from the seed beads, including roses, pansies, and even daisies. The base of the wreath is made of lace from white seed beads.

The flowers frame a photograph of a young man in the center of the wreath. The man in the photo is Jaroslav Holub. Above the photo is a blue seed beads inscription that reads "DEDICATED BY HIS PARENTS".

We learn more about Jaroslav Holub from "The History of Descriptive Numbers of Vrát" by Petr Hoření, who recalls his friend Jaroslav: "I spent many a nice moment with him playing chess, at Sokol, at home and around town, and also something during the First World War. He was passionate, yet fair, honest, hardworking, a good person, and a sincere friend, which I could best verify during our joint military service with the 74th Infantry Austrian Regiment on the war front at Brody and Počajev in former Austrian Galicia."

Jaroslav was wounded soon after the start of the First World War in Serbia. After he recovered, he was sent back to the front, where he stayed until 1918. At the end of the war, he was severely wounded again in Italy, this time with a projectile in his spine that could not be operated on. Even so, he still lived for another decade. He was married twice and had a daughter, Maruška, from his first marriage. He died on July 17, 1929, at the age of 37, at the Jičín hospital, and was buried the next day at the Železný Brod cemetery. Jaroslav's parents had the beautiful funeral wreath made, probably for one of his anniversaries. The wreath's age is estimated to be sometime after 1929.

The wreath was originally attached to the Holub family's tomb in Vrát at the Železný Brod cemetery. The funeral wreath comes from the museum's old collection without prior documentation.



fotografie ze smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence II
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