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Summer Glass Workshop 2023


Glass Symposium The Summer Glass Workshop is now in its twelfth year creating a platform for creative dialogue and sharing know-how in the field of art glass. The principle and goal of the symposium is to strengthen cooperation between creators who debate current topics, realize their creative ideas, gain and exchange experience. In just a few days, the artists work on their works in the local glass school. These works are also created thanks to the skills of artistic craftsmen - glass masters and grinders, who take a significant part in the realization.

The organizers of the 12th year welcomed a total of seven participants this year. The symposium was held in an international format, as two female artists traveled from Norway. For the sixth time, the Detesk company participated in this project, which once again created the technological and material background for one of the seven participants.

The glassworks was freely accessible to the public in the morning, and in the evening there were presentation lectures about the work of individual artists.

Glass artists Jeanne-Sophie Aas and Kari Mølstad from Norway and Czech artists Jan Exnar, Milan Krajíček, Soňa Třeštíková, Martin Grosman and Studio IRDS (Ingrid Ráčková & David Suchopárek) took part in this year's symposium.

The International Glass Symposium was largely organized by the Secondary Glass School of Arts and Crafts. The event was significantly supported by the EEA Funds, and the City of Železný Brod and the glass companies Destesk and Studio Lhotský collaborated on the symposium.

The opening of the exhibition of the results of the symposium took place as an accompanying event of the Glass Town celebration on Saturday, September 16, in the building of the city museum.



fotografie ze smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence II
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